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Tempest Skull Cap Instructions

A step-by-step guide on how to use your Trakker Tempest Skull Cap with your Trakker Tempest Shelter



Once your Tempest shelter has been erected in the normal manner, take the Skull Cap out of its bag and throw it over the front of your shelter. The three peak poles should be at the front.


Push the spigots of the three peak poles into the holes in the storm caps above the doorway of the Tempest.


Starting with the rear centre pole of the Tempest, thread the Velcro straps of the Skull Cap through the Skull Cap Clips. Then go around the shelter and do the same with the other Velcro points, only half tensioning them at this stage.


Once you are happy that the Skull Cap is sitting in a central position on the Tempest, you can go around and fully tighten the straps, to give you a nice taut canopy.


1. Loosen off the Velcro straps to around half the tension.

2. Go to the front of the shelter and remove all three poles.

3. Fold the Skull Cap back to reveal the Tempest opening handle.

4. Disassemble the bivvy in the normal way ensuring the porch poles are not pressing into the fabric when folded. You can also completely remove the cap for transportation. Simply remove and store in stuff sack.