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Tempest RS Social Cap Instructions

A step-by-step guide on how to use your Trakker Tempest RS Social Cap with your Trakker Tempest RS Shelter



Remove the social cap from the outer bag, unfold the social cap and plug the anti twist pole sections together, ensuring a good fit. This is best done with the social cap laid on the floor and accessing the poles from the inside with the fabric part laid on the floor beneath the pole. This allows you a clear view and sufficient access when connecting the poles and ensures that the social cap is in the correct position to be fitted to the shelter.


Once the pole is assembled, use the tension strap (supplied) to tension the pole.


Now take the rear Velcro straps and pass the entire fabric portion of the social cap over the top of the pole you have just assembled (it is important to note that you cannot pass the smaller front section over the pole as the tension does not allow).


Continue to pass the main social cap fabric over the shelter and fasten the Velcro straps.


Return to the front of the social cap and place a peg in the pegging point either side of the large opening. It is essential that the social cap is positioned correctly. The seams of the skull cap section should run in line with the poles of the shelter and the pole of the social cap should be parallel to the front of the shelter itself.


Now fit the 3 frame supports (supplied) to provide forward tension.


The remaining pegs can now be placed; it may be necessary to relocate the earlier pegs to ensure equal tension to all panels.


To disassemble simply reverse the steps above and pack back into the storage bag provided ensuring no fabric is trapped around the ends of the poles.