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Team Trakker - Sarah Brown

Quick Fire Info

UK PB - 39lb 2oz Common / 36lb 6oz Mirror

Location - Nottinghamshire

Favourite Style of Carp Fishing - Day ticket, Stalking, Gravel Pits

About Sarah

I was first introduced to carp fishing in 2011. It was early March and despite still being very cold, I was lucky enough to get a look at what was to become a complete obsession of mine, carp! It became obvious from a very early stage that I did not want to be a back seat spectator, I wanted to catch these majestic fish for myself. I set about acquiring all the essentials and committed any spare time I had to the bank; if I couldn’t get out fishing, I would be at home reading about it.

Carp fishing is not just a hobby or something I enjoy doing every now and then, it has become a way of life and to be honest, I couldn’t be without it. I find it so easy to fall into the peace and tranquillity that fishing provides and switch off from the busy working world that we all must take part in one way or another - I really am happiest when I’m fishing.

I am very much a day ticket angler and being based in Nottinghamshire there are now numerous, interesting venues that can be found locally, offering something different to keep me occupied. I'm currently fishing a very weedy lake that is home to some stunning carp. Some of these residents are said to be over 40 years old. I still get a buzz and a bit wobbly at the knees when I’m attached to any carp, but these gnarly old characters really are a bit special.

Best piece of angling advice:

Don’t ignore the margins.